With a great deal of money, Chinese giants increasingly want to prove their level not only by brand fashion or supercars and yachts.

Now, playing polo is becoming a new trend to look aristocratic.

Outside the gate of a polo club in Beijing, farmers are still diligently tending to the orchard and the herd of wild pigs running around. However, this fact is a completely different setting.

A few Chinese giants and experts in expensive sunblock suits and sips sipped champagne in a VIP hut, eating cucumber sandwiches. That’s the scene you’ll see at the Polo Sunny Times Club, one of three clubs that have been opened in China to satisfy the pleasures of the rich.

Even on a foggy day, often from the football fields here you can see an impressive view of the surrounding mountains, near the Great Wall. On the British luxury cars Jaguars and Range Rovers a group of visitors stopped by to attend the British Polo Day, a weekend entertainment activity aimed at turning Polo into soft power.

Once a sport under the Tang Dynasty, polo virtually disappeared from China until the 1970s. But now it is thriving in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. And Xia Yang, founder of Sunny Times, of course, is delighted with this comeback.

Inviting guests’ events offer valuable networking and meeting opportunities but, above all, polo is a way of showing the luxury of those who already have everything.

This week, the Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club in Tianjin will host the launch of the Fortune Heights Super Nations Cup 2012. Professional teams from Hong Kong, USA, England, Argentina and South Africa will participate in the tournament. The membership fee at Metropolitan ranges from 380,000 yuan to 1,180,000 yuan for those who want to own a polo team.

As a playground for the rich, the equipment here is high-class with a 5-star hotel, 14 restaurants, bars, large halls, a spa and horse-drawn boats with air conditioning for those horses is imported from abroad and trained by experts. Each horse imported from abroad alone costs about 20,000 USD.

However, there are many opinions that polo may be just a thing born to show off wealth or simply an opportunity to invest money in the real estate where polo clubs are located. The knowledge of most people about this sport is still poor.