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Top 7 of the best racing horses in the world

Currently, there are over 100 different horse breeds in the world.

Below, we will rank the top 7 of the world’s most highly rated racing horses.


Thoroughbred was a cross between Arabian stallion and England mare since the end of the 17th century. Thoroughbred is the name of the breed and not in a pure sense. The Thoroughbred was unable to give birth, hence the name.

For more than 300 years of its history, the breed has been constantly improved to accumulate the essentials of a professional steed.

Thoroughbred tall, strong, beautiful body and indispensable extremely strong speed. The fastest velocity of this breed is 60km/h.

Appaloosa horse

Appaloosa is a spotted horse breed bred by Nez Percé in Idaho, USA from the famous Asian horse line in the Middle Ages. This horse is about 1.4m high, weighs about 500 kg and is extremely smart agile, durable.

Thanks to its distinctive jaguar-like fur, Appaloosa is often used in performances or movies.

Akhal – Teke

Its galloping speed is extremely fast and is very resistant to endurance. According to legend, Emperor Han Wuy offers a generous reward to anyone who can find him a purebred blood horse, Akhal – Teke perfectly meets this requirement, but this horse is hard to live at China and thus cannot live long.

Andalusian horse

Andalucia is a Spanish horse, coming from the Iberian Peninsula, where their ancestors lived for thousands of years. With the power of a warhorse, Andalucia is greatly appreciated by the Spanish nobility.


The breed’s name comes from the fact that they are always used to race 1/4 mile races. This horse breed is the mix between pure horses and Spanish horses.

Some of these stallions can reach speeds of up to 88km/h. This breed is faster than Thoroughbred in short races but not as tough.

Quarter is from 1.5 to 1.6m high and weighs 450kg, chest wide, short neck, horsehair usually only one color. Currently, this breed is often used for animal husbandry.

British horses

British horses have a large stature from 1.4 to 1.5m, weighs about 400kg, often reddish brown or pink horse or white – white horse. Their bodies are well proportioned and strong.

The British Empire was the most powerful wartime thanks to this warhorse. Currently, the British horses is the favorite horse in the race.

Hackney horse

Hackney horses are famous for their speed and beauty originating in the Netherlands. It is graceful and agile thanks to their size. Hackney varieties often have a glossy black coat, characterized by a long mane fluttering in the wind. Their limbs are relatively short and strong.

China extends horse racing and sports betting

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese government will support the opening of a racecourse and the expansion of betting sports on Hainan Island.

According to sources familiar with the matter, this is a move that will help push China to open the same subjects in mainland China for the first time. At present, China bans all forms of gambling, including sports betting. Gambling-blooded Chinese often address the needs of the Macau Special Administrative Region, the world’s largest gambling center and also the casino of Asia. Macau is also the only place where public gambling is accepted. Most of Macau’s casino revenue comes from foreign companies operating here, including Las Vegas Sands Corp.

The opening of a betting racetrack and the expansion of betting sports on Hainan Island will threaten Macau’s $ 33 billion industry, as mainland companies hope to enter the market. This is a change in line with the development view of President Xi Jinping, who emphasizes China’s rise in the international arena in all aspects – according to Bloomberg.

In February, the news agency also reported that Chinese government agencies in charge of reform considered a number of proposals in favor of virtual gambling and casino development plans. Those are signals that will lead to the opening of real casinos.

Su Guojing, president of China Lottery Industry Salon, said: “Horse racing has grown rapidly in China in recent years, but this is the first time the government is promoting the game to a city and encouraging the development of sports betting. Although it takes more time to develop, Hainan can be a venue for more sporting events, including horse racing and boating, which can boost tourism”.

These steps were part of a reform package that President Xi announced when he visited Hainan. Accordingly, the island district wants to develop into a “Hawaii of China”, and may open more duty-free shops, facilitate international flights and prioritize tourism.

The rich Chinese show off their nobility by playing with polo

With a great deal of money, Chinese giants increasingly want to prove their level not only by brand fashion or supercars and yachts.

Now, playing polo is becoming a new trend to look aristocratic.

Outside the gate of a polo club in Beijing, farmers are still diligently tending to the orchard and the herd of wild pigs running around. However, this fact is a completely different setting.

A few Chinese giants and experts in expensive sunblock suits and sips sipped champagne in a VIP hut, eating cucumber sandwiches. That’s the scene you’ll see at the Polo Sunny Times Club, one of three clubs that have been opened in China to satisfy the pleasures of the rich.

Even on a foggy day, often from the football fields here you can see an impressive view of the surrounding mountains, near the Great Wall. On the British luxury cars Jaguars and Range Rovers a group of visitors stopped by to attend the British Polo Day, a weekend entertainment activity aimed at turning Polo into soft power.

Once a sport under the Tang Dynasty, polo virtually disappeared from China until the 1970s. But now it is thriving in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. And Xia Yang, founder of Sunny Times, of course, is delighted with this comeback.

Inviting guests’ events offer valuable networking and meeting opportunities but, above all, polo is a way of showing the luxury of those who already have everything.

This week, the Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club in Tianjin will host the launch of the Fortune Heights Super Nations Cup 2012. Professional teams from Hong Kong, USA, England, Argentina and South Africa will participate in the tournament. The membership fee at Metropolitan ranges from 380,000 yuan to 1,180,000 yuan for those who want to own a polo team.

As a playground for the rich, the equipment here is high-class with a 5-star hotel, 14 restaurants, bars, large halls, a spa and horse-drawn boats with air conditioning for those horses is imported from abroad and trained by experts. Each horse imported from abroad alone costs about 20,000 USD.

However, there are many opinions that polo may be just a thing born to show off wealth or simply an opportunity to invest money in the real estate where polo clubs are located. The knowledge of most people about this sport is still poor.

Conditions for organizing horse competitions in England

This article will provide you with information on the operating conditions of the equestrian organization in England as well as in most countries around the world.

Establishments organizing activities of horse racing must meet the following material conditions:

The straight track has a minimum length of 1000m, a minimum width of 20m; a closed race track with a minimum length of 1600m, depending on the distance of the race, there must be a straight line of at least 300m before coming to a turn; sand racing surface, at least 30cm thick.

The protective fence on both sides of the track is at least 80cm high, made of materials not dangerous to people and horses when racing, which can be easily disassembled and moved. The safe distance from the fence protection to each side is 10m.

The starting area must be at least 40 x 60m long. Starting stables have 12 stables made of galvanized steel or stainless steel to ensure sure, safe, convenient for jockey and racehorses to start with the prescribed size. The gate is controlled by an automatic opening system at the same time operated by a hydraulic or mechanical system with a damping system.

The destination area has a camera system to photograph the destination to determine the achievement of the horse racing to the destination. There is an electronic board showing the parameters, the results of the race, with a mirror of the destination, with a prize area, ensuring enough area for 3 jockeys and racing horses to win 1, 2, 3 prizes to receive the prize.

The equipment must have a surveillance camera system in the preparation area, the starting area and the destination to ensure accurate competition results. There is a communication device for members of the Organizing Committee, Arbitration, and Race surveillance to run the horse racing.

Equestrian and racing jockey must be equipped with: Racing cap (jockey hat), armor, shin guards, racing shoes, racing clothes, whips, saddle sets including saddle belts, leather straps or belly shield, stud foot ensure safety for jockey and horse racing during competition.

Horse Riding – A noble sport for everyone

Horse riding is one of the noble sports originating from European countries.

This sport has existed since time immemorial until now still maintained and thrived. Especially in recent times it began to enter China and create a strong attraction. However, riding is considered a noble sport not for everyone.

Benefits of horse riding

Equestrian is one of the sports brings a lot of benefits for participants. In it it is not only good for adults and also very good for young children.

Participating in equestrian sports helps bring players the leisure and entertainment time comfortably comfortable. In addition, this sport is also considered a workout sport that enhances fitness for players. Especially participating in this sport will help you relieve stress after working and studying.

Many experts also believe that participating in horse riding also helps players to mingle with nature. Create a quiet, free and comfortable space amidst the vast nature. At the same time, this sport also helps you to avoid harmful electronic devices such as phones, ipads.

For children, horses have the ability to teach children great life skills. Specifically, the way they easily integrate into society quickly. Also for children with psychological problems such as autism, when riding will help them have more positive thoughts. After interacting with horses the children gradually opened their hearts to society. This is one of the miracles that no one has been able to explain.

Why is horse riding a noble sport?

Equestrian is both a recreational sport and good for the health of the participants. However, this sport is a noble sport that is not for everyone. Because the cost to take horse riding courses is often very expensive. Therefore, in order to participate in horseback, only nobles can follow.

This form of entertainment is extremely strong development and attracts many participants. In which the price of horse riding is considered to be much cheaper than in the region. If you study equestrian packages for 12 months, the price can be reduced by 15 to 20%. This is the reason why people call horse riding a noble sport that is not for everyone.

Besides, participating in this sport not only costs money but also a lot of time. Not only does it cost money to ride horses but you also have to get used to horses. Participate in equestrian courses and take a long time to control the thoroughbred horse. So for ordinary people, burning time like this is not feasible. Especially when life has a lot of worries that need to be addressed. Hence they no longer had enough time to participate in this noble sport.

Grand National: The largest horse racing competition in the world

Grand National is the largest horse racing event in the world. Up to now, there have been about 500-600 million people watching this race live as well as via television.

Grand National is the largest horse racing competition in the world. This race is held at Aintree Racecourse in England. The race time is the first Saturday afternoon of April.

For this race, the horses have to run the 4-mile 856-yard (equivalent to 7,242 meters), and the horse must jump over about 30 fences within 2 rounds around the National Course at Aintree racecourse.

The danger for horses in this race is to jump over the fence in different shapes: triangles, rectangles. In addition, there are many barriers that are difficult to overcome such as Becher’s Brook and The Chair. The organizers said that in the future, they will bypass the barriers to ensure the safety of the horses. At the same time hiring talented medical practitioners to ensure the health of horses as well as horse riders.

The hurdles are the focus of a three-day tournament, and one of four races at Aintree during the equestrian season. This is the highest prize horse racing festival in the UK during the National Hunt series. This year the prize value is £ 950,000. This award is also popular among people who do not often watch or bet on horse racing.

The racetrack is triangular and has 16 fences, horses must jump over each fence 2 times, except for The Chair and Water Jump fences. Many famous fences are difficult to cross, especially Becher’s Brook and The Chair. In recent years, officials at Aintree have been working with animal protection organizations to improve health facilities and minimize the dangers of hurdles while keeping the horses healthy. be able to overcome these thorny obstacles.

Grand National is the largest horse racing prize available today. This year the prize value is £ 950,000. This award is broadcast live in the UK as well as some neighboring countries. Up to now, there have been about 500-600 million people watching Grand National horse racing around the world through live TV channels or watching in the stands.

Watching the strange horse racing in Japan

At the horse race on Japan’s Hokkaido island, winning horses don’t necessarily have to run the fastest.

According to Oddity Central, Ban’ei racehorses, also known as Banba, are very different from the fast-bred thoroughbred breeds often seen in horse races. They can weigh up to 1,200kg and are twice the size of the small horse breed Dosanko in Hokkaido. Ban’ei was a crossbreed horse imported from France and Belgium in the late 19th century and is now considered a Japanese breed.

In the Ban’ei horse racing, the horses required to pull sleds weighing 450kg to 1 ton through a sand race with at least two slopes.

Horsemen also play an important role in this race, but they do not need to try to let their horses go fast. In fact, they did not need to use the whip, but simply encouraged their horses to move forward. Horsemen can even ask the horse to stop between the two obstacles so they have a chance to rest because the winning horse is the horse that can pull the sleigh to the finish.

The Ban’ei horse race dates back to 1887 but it was not until the mid-20th century that the sport became popular throughout Hokkaido. At its peak, in 1991, the Ban’ei horse race was held in Obihiro, Asahikawa, Kitami, and Iwamizawa cities, and ticket sales amounted to 32 billion yen. However, the Japanese economy fell into recession soon thereafter, by 2006, only the race track at Obihiro was operating.

In 2012, the Ban’ei horse race was recognized as an important cultural heritage of Hokkaido and many donors were willing to spend money to preserve this heritage. In fiscal 2017, revenue from the race increased by 21.9 million yen (4.6 billion), up 36.1% compared to 2016.

According to Japan Racing, the Obihiro Racecourse is a 20-minute walk from JR Obihiro train station. The entrance fee is 100 yen. The race is only held on weekends and Mondays. On these days, guests can take a “backstage tour” to visit the stables. There is also a zoo and a horse museum.

Opera House was turned into a billboard for horse racing

The sails of the Opera House, Australia’s most famous cultural heritage, will be used as billboards for the annual Everest horse race of New South Wales.

Images of the championship trophy, number of barricades, horseshoe-shaped candies and the distinctive colors of the traditional Everest horse race were shown by laser light on the surface of the sails of the Opera House. This is the first time Australia’s world-famous symbol has been used for commercial purposes.

Despite the enthusiastic support from the government of New South Wales, however, this advertisement has created fierce debate across the media and in the Australian community.

More than 270,000 people signed an online application to oppose the campaign. Opponents say the association between a race, a betting nature, and one of the country’s most famous cultural heritage, is a wrong decision.

Mike Woodcock, the first person to file a lawsuit, called on the authorities, the theater management unit and the Everest Horse Racing Organization to stop making the Opera House a billboard. Green MP Senator David Shoebridge even said this was an insult and asked the State Heritage Council of New South Wales to issue an immediate ban on advertising.

Despite rising opposition, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said he will continue to support the campaign. Ms. Berejiklian stated that everyone has the right to express their opinions, but this is absolutely an event for the best benefit of the community. According to Ms. Berejiklian, the authorities and the organizer of the Everest race have been negotiating for a long time and people should wait to see which images will be shown on the sad wings of the theater. Opera House, before making a personal judgment. According to Ms Berejiklian, the most important and correct thing for the government is to promote big local events. Laser shows promoting the Everest race at the Opera House will create the right balance.

Speaking on the 2GB radio channel, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison voiced his support for the decision of the state of New South Wales. Mr. Morrison sees this as one of the biggest events of the year and an opportunity to bring great economic benefits to the locality and to Australia. The Everest Horse Race is an annual event, held at the Royal Randwick Stadium of Sydney (New South Wales). This is one of the largest horse races in the world, with a total prize value of up to 13 million AUD (about 9.36 million USD).

Learn about horse racing betting rules

Horse racing is a favorite in the world especially in England or some Asian countries. Every year in countries like England, India, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong… always organize big horse racing tournaments. And of course, horse racing betting can also be developed online and online.

If you are really passionate about this subject, and want to make money from that passion, learn immediately the rules of horse racing betting, the betting rules that we have summarized in the article below.

What is horse racing betting?

Horse racing betting means betting on the house offered at the racetrack races. Currently, racecourse has been present all over the world, so betting markets also occur continuously throughout the day, at most even in the evening when the racetrack in the UK begins to operate.

Horse racing is a very interesting subject, easy to understand, easy to play so betting is not too difficult. The horses participating in the race are closely monitored in the race to avoid cases of fraud, intentionally arranging results first.

How to play horse racing betting is also very diverse, there are many bet types, with different levels of bet, everyone can join. Before betting, players will need to choose the horse they bet, choose the amount of bet, the odds. And of course you also need to understand horse racing betting rules.

Horse racing betting rules

Just like any other betting event, horse racing betting means betting on the horse that you predict will win the race. If the horse wins, you will get a bonus. But besides that betting, there are still some other forms of betting such as betting on horse head, horse betting on the finish line in a certain order.

To participate in betting you can go directly to the racetrack. However, in today’s busy time, not everyone has the time and conditions to directly participate in tournaments, choosing the horse racing betting game is the solution of most people. The odds are called the price of a bet to determine how much prize money you will win, depending on the odds in your match.

Strange story true: The runner wins the horse in running

Former British speedman Dwain Chambers has just made an impossible challenge, racing a 100m race with the heat race horse Heat Storm and amazingly, who won the horse racing.

This match just took place at the Wolverhampton Racecourse, England, on 13.3. The Heat Storm horse is in the process of training preparing to compete at the Cheltenham Festival.

Meanwhile, former Chambers athletes no longer at the peak of his career despite competing with lightning Usain Bolt at the 100m run at the World Championships in 2009.

Chambers also participated in two Olympics, once in fourth place, 100m in Sydney 2000 and in the semi-finals with content in London 2012. Despite this, Chambers’s ability to outperform the battle is something no one believes. However, this utopia has been proven really: Chambers won the horse race Heat Storm in the distance of running 100m when finishing first with a record of 10.36 seconds.

After the race, Chambers said that he was really worried and he thought that how humans could win one of the fastest running animals in the world. He added: “However, when I entered the race, I sprinted as fast as I could because I thought that the racing horse would not have the same quick start as a human. Creating this advantage, I could feel the hooves of horses right behind me. But because of the short distance, it was a difference for me to speed forward”.

According to Chambers, humans can only win horses-like animals in such challenges at a short distance, but longer than impossible.

In track and field, there were athletes who beat high-speed animals like race horses. The most famous was the 100-meter race between legendary American athlete Jesse Owens with a horse race in 1940. At that time, Mr. Owens won this race by understanding the horse’s ability to start slower than humans and it is often startled immediately after gunfire starts and then runs. Mr. Owens took advantage of this knowledge to prevail to compensate for the distance that will be lost in the last 30 m as horses race to speed the finish line first.