Riding on horseback chasing a girl to be kissed is one of the weirdest forms of horse racing in the world.

Horse racing is a favorite in the world especially in England and some Asian countries. Every year in countries like China, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, England, India,… always organize big horse racing tournaments. Besides, there are some weird horse racing tournaments we have summarized in the following article.

1. Tiny horse racing in England

Little riders take part in the Shetland Horse Cup at the Plumpton racecourse in East Sussex (England) on October 22, 2012. Shetland horses, just under 1m tall, are known for their extraordinary health wearing their small bodies. They were used to tow heavy cargo vehicles at mineral mines during the industrial revolution.

2. Fake horse racing

This is a race to mimic the annual Great Britain (Grand National) hurdles race in downtown Birmingham. In this race, the participants will put their foot on the hind leg of a cotton horse and try to overcome obstacles to finish.

3. Chasing a kiss on a horse’s back

Kyz kuu or kyz kuumal (in Kyrgyz is “chasing a girl”) is a popular traditional sport in Kyrgyz and Kazakh. It is also known as the “kissing game”. Participation in this game requires two people riding a horse: a male and a female. The rules are also very simple. The male rider stood at the starting line. The female knight would stand a certain distance behind him.

The game began when the girl started at full speed and the male knight had to chase as soon as the girl approached his side. Then they will fly to the finish line. If the male rider reaches the finish line before he has the right to kiss the girl.

4. Wear a horse racing bikini

The first-ever horse racing bikini contest, organized by The Gold Coast Turf Club, was held in Australia in 2010. Girls who are going to race will have to wear bikinis, sneakers and cross-country obstacles at the Hollywood Park racecourse.