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Grand National: The largest horse racing competition in the world

Grand National is the largest horse racing event in the world. Up to now, there have been about 500-600 million people watching this race live as well as via television.

Grand National is the largest horse racing competition in the world. This race is held at Aintree Racecourse in England. The race time is the first Saturday afternoon of April.

For this race, the horses have to run the 4-mile 856-yard (equivalent to 7,242 meters), and the horse must jump over about 30 fences within 2 rounds around the National Course at Aintree racecourse.

The danger for horses in this race is to jump over the fence in different shapes: triangles, rectangles. In addition, there are many barriers that are difficult to overcome such as Becher’s Brook and The Chair. The organizers said that in the future, they will bypass the barriers to ensure the safety of the horses. At the same time hiring talented medical practitioners to ensure the health of horses as well as horse riders.

The hurdles are the focus of a three-day tournament, and one of four races at Aintree during the equestrian season. This is the highest prize horse racing festival in the UK during the National Hunt series. This year the prize value is £ 950,000. This award is also popular among people who do not often watch or bet on horse racing.

The racetrack is triangular and has 16 fences, horses must jump over each fence 2 times, except for The Chair and Water Jump fences. Many famous fences are difficult to cross, especially Becher’s Brook and The Chair. In recent years, officials at Aintree have been working with animal protection organizations to improve health facilities and minimize the dangers of hurdles while keeping the horses healthy. be able to overcome these thorny obstacles.

Grand National is the largest horse racing prize available today. This year the prize value is £ 950,000. This award is broadcast live in the UK as well as some neighboring countries. Up to now, there have been about 500-600 million people watching Grand National horse racing around the world through live TV channels or watching in the stands.

Learn about horse racing betting rules

Horse racing is a favorite in the world especially in England or some Asian countries. Every year in countries like England, India, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong… always organize big horse racing tournaments. And of course, horse racing betting can also be developed online and online.

If you are really passionate about this subject, and want to make money from that passion, learn immediately the rules of horse racing betting, the betting rules that we have summarized in the article below.

What is horse racing betting?

Horse racing betting means betting on the house offered at the racetrack races. Currently, racecourse has been present all over the world, so betting markets also occur continuously throughout the day, at most even in the evening when the racetrack in the UK begins to operate.

Horse racing is a very interesting subject, easy to understand, easy to play so betting is not too difficult. The horses participating in the race are closely monitored in the race to avoid cases of fraud, intentionally arranging results first.

How to play horse racing betting is also very diverse, there are many bet types, with different levels of bet, everyone can join. Before betting, players will need to choose the horse they bet, choose the amount of bet, the odds. And of course you also need to understand horse racing betting rules.

Horse racing betting rules

Just like any other betting event, horse racing betting means betting on the horse that you predict will win the race. If the horse wins, you will get a bonus. But besides that betting, there are still some other forms of betting such as betting on horse head, horse betting on the finish line in a certain order.

To participate in betting you can go directly to the racetrack. However, in today’s busy time, not everyone has the time and conditions to directly participate in tournaments, choosing the horse racing betting game is the solution of most people. The odds are called the price of a bet to determine how much prize money you will win, depending on the odds in your match.