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Opera House was turned into a billboard for horse racing

The sails of the Opera House, Australia’s most famous cultural heritage, will be used as billboards for the annual Everest horse race of New South Wales.

Images of the championship trophy, number of barricades, horseshoe-shaped candies and the distinctive colors of the traditional Everest horse race were shown by laser light on the surface of the sails of the Opera House. This is the first time Australia’s world-famous symbol has been used for commercial purposes.

Despite the enthusiastic support from the government of New South Wales, however, this advertisement has created fierce debate across the media and in the Australian community.

More than 270,000 people signed an online application to oppose the campaign. Opponents say the association between a race, a betting nature, and one of the country’s most famous cultural heritage, is a wrong decision.

Mike Woodcock, the first person to file a lawsuit, called on the authorities, the theater management unit and the Everest Horse Racing Organization to stop making the Opera House a billboard. Green MP Senator David Shoebridge even said this was an insult and asked the State Heritage Council of New South Wales to issue an immediate ban on advertising.

Despite rising opposition, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said he will continue to support the campaign. Ms. Berejiklian stated that everyone has the right to express their opinions, but this is absolutely an event for the best benefit of the community. According to Ms. Berejiklian, the authorities and the organizer of the Everest race have been negotiating for a long time and people should wait to see which images will be shown on the sad wings of the theater. Opera House, before making a personal judgment. According to Ms Berejiklian, the most important and correct thing for the government is to promote big local events. Laser shows promoting the Everest race at the Opera House will create the right balance.

Speaking on the 2GB radio channel, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison voiced his support for the decision of the state of New South Wales. Mr. Morrison sees this as one of the biggest events of the year and an opportunity to bring great economic benefits to the locality and to Australia. The Everest Horse Race is an annual event, held at the Royal Randwick Stadium of Sydney (New South Wales). This is one of the largest horse races in the world, with a total prize value of up to 13 million AUD (about 9.36 million USD).

Learn about horse racing betting rules

Horse racing is a favorite in the world especially in England or some Asian countries. Every year in countries like England, India, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong… always organize big horse racing tournaments. And of course, horse racing betting can also be developed online and online.

If you are really passionate about this subject, and want to make money from that passion, learn immediately the rules of horse racing betting, the betting rules that we have summarized in the article below.

What is horse racing betting?

Horse racing betting means betting on the house offered at the racetrack races. Currently, racecourse has been present all over the world, so betting markets also occur continuously throughout the day, at most even in the evening when the racetrack in the UK begins to operate.

Horse racing is a very interesting subject, easy to understand, easy to play so betting is not too difficult. The horses participating in the race are closely monitored in the race to avoid cases of fraud, intentionally arranging results first.

How to play horse racing betting is also very diverse, there are many bet types, with different levels of bet, everyone can join. Before betting, players will need to choose the horse they bet, choose the amount of bet, the odds. And of course you also need to understand horse racing betting rules.

Horse racing betting rules

Just like any other betting event, horse racing betting means betting on the horse that you predict will win the race. If the horse wins, you will get a bonus. But besides that betting, there are still some other forms of betting such as betting on horse head, horse betting on the finish line in a certain order.

To participate in betting you can go directly to the racetrack. However, in today’s busy time, not everyone has the time and conditions to directly participate in tournaments, choosing the horse racing betting game is the solution of most people. The odds are called the price of a bet to determine how much prize money you will win, depending on the odds in your match.

Strange story true: The runner wins the horse in running

Former British speedman Dwain Chambers has just made an impossible challenge, racing a 100m race with the heat race horse Heat Storm and amazingly, who won the horse racing.

This match just took place at the Wolverhampton Racecourse, England, on 13.3. The Heat Storm horse is in the process of training preparing to compete at the Cheltenham Festival.

Meanwhile, former Chambers athletes no longer at the peak of his career despite competing with lightning Usain Bolt at the 100m run at the World Championships in 2009.

Chambers also participated in two Olympics, once in fourth place, 100m in Sydney 2000 and in the semi-finals with content in London 2012. Despite this, Chambers’s ability to outperform the battle is something no one believes. However, this utopia has been proven really: Chambers won the horse race Heat Storm in the distance of running 100m when finishing first with a record of 10.36 seconds.

After the race, Chambers said that he was really worried and he thought that how humans could win one of the fastest running animals in the world. He added: “However, when I entered the race, I sprinted as fast as I could because I thought that the racing horse would not have the same quick start as a human. Creating this advantage, I could feel the hooves of horses right behind me. But because of the short distance, it was a difference for me to speed forward”.

According to Chambers, humans can only win horses-like animals in such challenges at a short distance, but longer than impossible.

In track and field, there were athletes who beat high-speed animals like race horses. The most famous was the 100-meter race between legendary American athlete Jesse Owens with a horse race in 1940. At that time, Mr. Owens won this race by understanding the horse’s ability to start slower than humans and it is often startled immediately after gunfire starts and then runs. Mr. Owens took advantage of this knowledge to prevail to compensate for the distance that will be lost in the last 30 m as horses race to speed the finish line first.

Experience horse racing in Tokyo Keiba city

Horse racing is an important part of Australian culture.

Melbourne is where one of the largest horse races in the world – Melbourne Cup. It is affectionately known as the race that stops a nation, which gives you some scope as to how popular the sport is in the land down.

It is affectionately known as the race that stops a nation, which gives you some scope as to how popular the sport is in the land down.

The atmosphere

Oi Racecourse is one of the most lively and diverse racing venues I’ve ever been to. There are attendees from all age groups, including families with young children.

They are known for their sparkling races here, and when the sun starts to go down the lights turn on! You will see everything from trees lit up in the outdoor dining area, through to horseback riding and transport complete with illuminated fairy lights. If you’re looking for a unique night spot or another place for a girl night out, a trip to the races might just be the ticket.

Dress codes

Some racecourses around the world have very strict dress codes – think suits and ties, fancy hats or glamors, and skirts and heels as high as the eye can see. The race experience at Oi Racecourse is much more comfortable than this, which makes for a pleasant change. Of course, if you want to get all frocked up in your Sunday best go right ahead – but you won’t be out of place in jeans and a t-shirt either.


One of the best parts about a trip to races – especially with evening events – is that you can complete a whole night. There are many different dining options at the venue, for every taste of taste. Okonomiyaki, karaage, burgers and chips, yakitori and rice curry are just a few of the options available. They even have a grill where you can sit and grill up the food you want!

It’s a fun and casual dining experience, and if you like a nipple, there’s plenty of beers and other alcoholic drinks.

Origin and some popular forms of horse racing

Horse racing dates back to 684 BC and has existed for centuries. This sport is also known by another name which is “Royal Sports”.

During the Roman period, some of the first horse racing took place, and was included in the Olumpic program in Europe.

Where is horse racing originated from?

Horse racing has been popular in the United Kingdom and the United States since the beginning of the eighteenth century, each with a different organization, size and administration. And starting from here, the British just started breeding the professional horse breed to race.

In 1751, a lots of small and medium horse racing clubs were established in England. At the time, a book about thoroughbred horses was produced, which was called “The Breeding Record Book”. The British said that horse racing was the King of competitions.

In the United States, this equestrian sport dates back to the seventeenth century (before England, before England began investing in thoroughbred horses).

Some famous types of horse racing today:

1. Flat racing

Flat racing is one of the forms of horse racing and is the most popular form. Flat racing originated in England, and riders will be challenged on a flat road with different distances.

In the form of flat-track horse racing, only thoroughbred racehorses are allowed, the horse who finishes first will win. In this type of form, there are specific and clear rules and regulations, which require high equity. In a tournament, there is not only horse racing but besides that there is a kind of entertainment that is accompanied by horse racing betting. Therefore, the organizing committee must be highly specialized, must have strict management systems.

According to statistics, the number of people going to watch a horse racing match is much higher than in other sports. This sport has been present in more than 50 countries around the world. Some countries have not really developed any sport, but the future will certainly develop and will reach the world arena.

2. Obstacle horse racing

Obstacle horse racing is also a fairly common form, also using thoroughbred horses. This type is not much different from flat road horse racing, the result is based on speed. The only difference between the two types is that the distance for the race to overcome the obstacle is more than the flat road horse race.

Little-known facts about noble horse racing

In the world, horse racing is often referred to as a sport for the rich.

Horse racing has 3 main forms: thoroughbred horse racing, horse-drawn horse racing and hurdles. All 3 forms have 3 different characteristics, such as a saddle riding horse, a horse attached to a rickshaw and a horse control to overcome obstacles.

Purebred horse racing is the most visible type because it can be held in any condition, any time. In rickshaw and hurdle races, obstacles such as fences or gutters are placed so horses can jump.

Talking about horse racing refers to a long-standing legend, probably from BC, when some horse-drawn horse racing tournaments began to take shape and spread. This sport dates back to ancient Greece, but by the time of the Rome empire, it seemed to be rather lackluster. It was not until the 5th century AD, when the Rome empire collapsed, that horse racing came to light again.

By the 6th century AD, horse breeds in Arab countries in the Middle East were well known. These horses are superior to other horse breeds and are incredibly fast. Arabian horse breeds have since become a very rare breed, making European desires so far. Initially, an Arab horse was entered by the King Henry I of England.

Since then, the British built a series of horse racing simulations of the Roman Empire in London in 1717, where horse racing gradually became famous. Initially, the track was usually about 4 miles long, but later the rules of this sport were amended by King Charles II.

In the US, the first racecourse was built on Long Island, North America. Horses of the Arabian Darley precious horse were brought to Virginia for the first time. And since then, states like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland have also become home to horse racing in the United States.

Horse racing is called the royal sport because it is too expensive and takes a lot of care. Children once dreamed of riding horses like they were watching on TV, but very few of them are capable of realizing that dream in the future.

Horse racing requires training costs, horse care for events, and it can be up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, the average cost of launching a racehorse can exceed $ 200,000 a year.

But that is not including the money to buy horses. The price of the stallion involved in the race is not cheap, can be up to millions of dollars. The world has seen many racing horses deals with many millions of dollars worth of deals.

Top 4 strange horse races around the world

Riding on horseback chasing a girl to be kissed is one of the weirdest forms of horse racing in the world.

Horse racing is a favorite in the world especially in England and some Asian countries. Every year in countries like China, Mongolia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, England, India,… always organize big horse racing tournaments. Besides, there are some weird horse racing tournaments we have summarized in the following article.

1. Tiny horse racing in England

Little riders take part in the Shetland Horse Cup at the Plumpton racecourse in East Sussex (England) on October 22, 2012. Shetland horses, just under 1m tall, are known for their extraordinary health wearing their small bodies. They were used to tow heavy cargo vehicles at mineral mines during the industrial revolution.

2. Fake horse racing

This is a race to mimic the annual Great Britain (Grand National) hurdles race in downtown Birmingham. In this race, the participants will put their foot on the hind leg of a cotton horse and try to overcome obstacles to finish.

3. Chasing a kiss on a horse’s back

Kyz kuu or kyz kuumal (in Kyrgyz is “chasing a girl”) is a popular traditional sport in Kyrgyz and Kazakh. It is also known as the “kissing game”. Participation in this game requires two people riding a horse: a male and a female. The rules are also very simple. The male rider stood at the starting line. The female knight would stand a certain distance behind him.

The game began when the girl started at full speed and the male knight had to chase as soon as the girl approached his side. Then they will fly to the finish line. If the male rider reaches the finish line before he has the right to kiss the girl.

4. Wear a horse racing bikini

The first-ever horse racing bikini contest, organized by The Gold Coast Turf Club, was held in Australia in 2010. Girls who are going to race will have to wear bikinis, sneakers and cross-country obstacles at the Hollywood Park racecourse.

The billion-dollar horse racing industry in Ireland faces difficulties

Brexit and the trade and travel barriers that it entails are causing concern for horse traders and trainers in Ireland, where the equestrian industry is closely tied to Britain.

A year after the fateful votes of the British and EU officially began the first round of negotiations to bring Britain out of the block. Regardless of the specific terms agreed upon by officials, the impact of Brexit on the UK and the region will be enormous, with a wide range of influences from banks based in London on people rearing and training horses in Ireland.

Ireland, with its geographical location outside of the European continent, is at risk of a road crossing across the UK to connect to Europe will be divided after Brexit and hinder Irish trade activities to EU market.

“Our concern is that if there are any trade barriers or tariffs on horse carriage between Ireland and England, it will have a negative impact”, Reuters quoted Henry Beeby, director of Goff, the leading horse trading company in Ireland.

“Thanks to thoroughbred horses, we become an exporting country and we need to be exported without any obstacles or barriers,” he said. Two-thirds of the horses born in Ireland each year are exported and 80% of them are exported to England.

Equine trainers face similar anxiety. About 10,000 racing horses are put between the UK and Ireland each year. The close distance, the easy movement makes Irish horses have access to major events and get outstanding success. In Cheltenham, England’s most famous horse race in March, Irish horses accounted for 19 of the 28 winning horses, including the horse that won the Sizing John Gold Cup.

“In fact, we are twins and inseparable industries”, Brian Kavanagh, head of the Irish horse racing governing the body, told parliament about the UK and Ireland horse racing industry.

“Unlike other industries affected by Brexit, we cannot adjust our products to adapt to new markets. Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, Aintree and Epsom (major horse racing events in the UK) cannot perform out in some other countries”, Kavanagh argues.

Ireland, France and England – the three countries with the most developed horse racing industry in Europe – have an agreement that allows horses registered in one country to freely move to the other two countries without veterinary inspection. Jessica Harrington, the trainer of the championship horse Sizing John, remembers the time before 1998 when the border was still full of checkpoints and horses could be kept there for hours. “If we go back to that time, everything would be crazy”, she said.

In addition, Irish horse owners now often carry horses across England to enter the European continent, avoiding long distances at sea to go directly from Ireland to Europe. Harrington feared Brexit would hinder the trans-British route while the horses could not stand being locked up for too long on the move. “Nobody has a plan (to respond)”, she said.

Horse racing betting is gradually becoming popular

Horse racing is a sport that has a rich and long tradition. Horse racing is known as the sport of kings and it has existed for hundreds of years.

Today, horse racing is extremely popular in many parts of the world, attracting many people of all classes. The races take place throughout the year in several different countries and many races attract a huge audience to the racetrack as well as around the TV screen.

In particular, the sport is very popular by betting enthusiasts, an integral part of horse racing. That is always a fact. Horse racing is the oldest form of gambling ever and it is still a favorite of millions of people. For many sports enthusiasts, horse racing betting has made watching horse racing even more dramatic. Horse racing is based on bonuses and sponsorships from the betting industry that feed the sport.

The basics of horse racing betting haven’t changed much over the years, but the way people bet on this sport must be there. Since betting on the Internet is possible, more and more people choose to bet on horse racing in this way. Although traditional betting methods are still widely used, horse betting websites are proving to be extremely attractive.

Online betting has a few advantages, the most obvious being convenience. You can bet anytime, at night or during the day, only with a computer and Internet access. We would like to emphasize that it is important that you place your bets on the correct gambling site. There are many options and they do not follow the same standard.

Although you can play horse racing gambling with just the introductory knowledge, expanding your knowledge of the sport as much as possible does not hurt anyone. You will definitely want to know a lot about horse racing before you have the ambition to make money from betting. For a successful horse racing betting, you must be almost an expert on this sport.